Appleton Altrusa Club Strikes Again!

The Community Clothes Closet is very fortunate to have the Appleton Altrusa Club volunteer on Wednesday evenings.  They hang clothes and help with what ever is needed. Amazing group of women!

A few months ago I was asked to speak at one of their monthly meetings.  It was a great time sharing about the Community Clothes Closet with this dynamic group.  One of the ladies mentioned to me if we ever heard of a family who could use a little extra financial help to let them know. 

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago...a woman (Lana) stopped in to get clothing for a job interview.  One of our volunteers helped her select the perfect outfit for her interview.  During that time Lana's eyes filled with tears.  Life was being especially rough on her and her family.  Lana was still employed but looking for another job to better her life.  She was also going to school to improve her circumstances.  Why were her eyes filled with tears?  They were filled with tears because she just recently found out she had cancer.  And to make matters worse her son had kidney failure.  Money was very tight and she needed help due to the medical bills for both son and herself.

As Lana approached the check out counter I could hear our volunteers trying to encourage her.  I walked out to see if I could help. Lana was still teary-eyed but hopeful for a better future.  She stated several times she needed to stay strong for her son.

Altrusa steps in!  I informed the president of Altrusa of Lana's life circumstances.  She presented the need to to the club and they donated $300 in gift cards for Lana and her family.  AMAZING!

When I talked with Lana she burst into to tears of joy.  She couldn't believe that someone cared enough to reach out to help them.  You could just feel the stress lift off from her.  The gift cards were in her hands just in time for the Memorial Day week-end.  Truly a memorable moment thanks to the Appleton Altrusa Club!


Appleton East Key Club

We had a great time working with seven students from the Appleton East Key Club on Saturday. They helped us with a mailing and hung some spring clothes up. Below are a few comments from some of the students.

Olympia: "I really enjoyed volunteering here, there is a lot of cool clothing to sort and the workers here were very kind and friendly. I wish you good luck in the future and thank you so much for the is great experience."

Emma: "The rooms were really well organized and I felt like we accomplished a lot in the time we were here. it was especially cool to see the career space that assists people in landing jobs and getting their independence back!"

Cherie: "Coming to the Community Clothes Closet really opened up my eyes to how wonderful and amazing this organization is in helping out those who don't have the means in getting clean clothes for themselves."

Hannah: "I had a great time working here today. What you guys are doing here is amazing. I would love to come to be a part of it again."

Thoughts from the Kimberly Key Club

Last Saturday, the Kimberly Key Club volunteered at the CCC. We were thrilled to have them help us out. Can't believe how much work was accomplished in such a short time. Below are some comments from the kids.

Lizzie - "I didn't know about the Community Clothes Closet until today and after learning about it, I really want to volunteer again."

Sam - "This is an incredible place with incredible people. thank you for all you do."

Claire - "I didn't realize how many families in the Fox Cities need help to get clothes. It was very eye-opening to see the amount of clothes here, and I will definitely consider donating or volunteering again."

Sam - "I really enjoyed helping out at the Community Clothes Closet. Everyone was very polite and made the job every easy. I hope that our club will make future plans to come back in the future, because this experience really inspired me to become more involved in the Community."

Haley - "Volunteering at the Community Clothes Closet was a wonderful experience. Although the work wasn't hard it was very much appreciated. I know that today I helped change peoples' lives and it is a great feeling . I learned that the CCC serves thousands of people every year and I am so proud and thankful to have been a part of that."

New Volunteer

The young man who came in for clothes for the interview now wants to volunteer at the CCC. We are excited to have him become part of the CCC team!


We just received a phone call from a woman who wanted to help her 19 year old nephew find clothing for a job interview. The nephew and mother are living below poverty level and need help. She told us that her nephew just needs some help and a break in life. He has been bullied most of his life and is struggling to make a go of it. He just needs a job to help him feel valued.

They will be coming in tomorrow to get clothing for a job interview. We are so happy we live in a community that is willing to donate clothes to help those in need. Thank for helping this young man!

We just had a telephone call from a plus size gentleman. He desperately needed clothing and was unable to find his size at the Community Clothes Closet. He said his clothes were so worn out - it is embarrassing to go out in public.

Not wanting any special treatment he was hesitant to ask us for help. But we are glad he did! We were able to find him some pants and shirts in great condition (some of them were new!).

When we called to tell him we found his sizes - he was thrilled and can hardly wait to pick them up tonight.

Concerned Teacher

We received a phone call from a grade school teacher requesting some clothing items for a couple of her students. These students desperately needed pants, socks, hats and gloves for the cold winter months of Wisconsin.

We gathered up the items for the students. It was a Wednesday evening when the teacher came rushing through the door just before clothing. She was thrilled that we could help her with the clothing. We explained that she could refer the families to our services. She sadly replied, "The parents would not bring the children to the CCC."

Thinking back to that evening we reflect on the warmth and caring nature of the teacher who was concerned enough to help two struggling children. We think about the kindness of our community to donate the clothing to help people in need. We truly live in an amazing community.